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What happens when someone downs at an aquatic facility?!

Only those operators who have experienced a tragedy, can truly describe it…...

“In 2005 we had the unfortunate experience of a child drowning in one of our facilities. From the instant the accident happened our world was turned upside down. In the movies we are led to believe “you are innocent until proven guilty”. Actually, the opposite happens when a serious accident occurs. You are immediately treated by the authorities as a “guilty” person or persons irrespective of what has happened. Fortunately, no very fortunately, we knew Les and his experience in our industry. Whatever I say about his assistance, empathy and guidance would only be an understatement for the support he provided us. His knowledge of every facet of our industry is highly regarded by all associated within the industry, and his guidance in out matter, seemed to be the only reality we could count on, in what was and still is a very surreal experience. We are forever grateful for Les and his help and wish him all the best in the launch of his new book on the history of aquatic centre management.”

Craig Crozier & Justin Lemberg

Australian Crawl


For help when a major incident occurs, contact Pool Star immediately.

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